It all started when...

Kate Gower-Jones is the founder and principle stylist at Mineral – hair by nature. She initially started hairdressing in Melbourne but after a few years moved to London. Kate worked for the world renowned Tony & Guy Salon and soon climbed to a position of Teaching Colour and International Colour Director within the firm.


Kate then developed a great reputation for her intuitive use of colour and her stylish short-cuts and so in 1995 she opened her first salon under the Tony & Guy franchise. After this success Kate then went on to open a further six salons  across the south of England and Brussels.


In 2004 Kate sold her business and moved back to Australia to raise her children. Unfortunately, in 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Only three years later, a second breast cancer was diagnosed which made Kate re-evaluate her lifestyle and the possible causes. After a great deal of research, new evidence was slowly coming to light about the harmful effects of the chemicals used in hair dyes.


While recovering from cancer she thought about the links between the toxins and cancer, and decided to source more natural alternatives that would be far healthier for both hairdressers and clients.


Her ideas led to the formation of Mineral – hair by nature which launched in 2011 in Wodonga. The salon only stocks naturally derived produce that are free of ammonia, resortinal and other harmful compounds.


Using natural colours however, does not involve compromising on how fabulous your hair looks; a wide and ever growing range of tried-and-tested colours are available right now. Give Kate and our friendly Hairdressers a call at our Albury store to book your appointment.





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